Monday, 31 January 2011

Something to keep you all motivated.

Hello lovely bloggies

I've had some absolutely beautiful pieces donated so far and some lovely feedback and advice too.
A big thank you to all those wonderful people!

I thought I'd post something to keep people in the process of making something to contribute or wanting to help motivated.
Here's some feedback from a young person who was helped by the charity we're doing this for.

“Safeplace helped me a lot with getting to know new people and sorting out my money, and helping me land on my own two feet before I had my daughter.  Now I have had her and got my flat I have got a lot of respect for Safeplace and the staff.  Whenever I am in town I always pop to see Safeplace staff members.  Without them, so many teenagers would become stuck and end up turning to drugs or selling themselves.  Safeplace gets teens off the street on to their own two feet and back in college.”

Most of us can't imagine being in a position where we would be made homeless , and any of those who have found themselves in a sticky situation know that just a little help and support from someone is all it takes to turn your luck around.
Safeplace is a charity that is turning lots of peoples luck around in Bristol and that's why I believe they're an incredibly worthy cause. 


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