Friday, 28 January 2011

Not in a weird way you see.........

This is my contribution to the project .
Yes. Jarvis Cocker keeps me up at night, not in a weird way but in a strictly platonic hero worship kind of way.
I'm not even a huge Pulp fan but his 6 music radio show is so fantastic it makes me question why they haven't created a radio station in his honour with Jarvis in charge of all music played.
I've never heard a radio station which merges  the beautifully avant garde, 60s European pop , BBC educational LP's and great spoken word.
The reason I'm kept awake by Mr Cocker is two fold  , firstly my overcharged imagination leads me to wonder whether  one day we will be friends ; swapping Miranda July short stories,  going to see Ukrainian art house films and shopping for corduroy (I'm aware I'm sounding like a pretentious stalker!).
Secondly it makes me wonder why I haven't learnt to DJ yet.
Can't wait to see what keeps you all up at night , keep them coming!


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  1. Ha ha!! Naomi I feel for you! I also listen to his show from the internet and I'd really like to know him as a friend (sometimes he helps me stay up at night when I have to work for an order I postponed to the last minute!)
    Here's hopping! And I'm sure he'll be moved if you sent him a link to this!