Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Cecilia Heikkilä contribution

Hello lovely bloggies

I received two pieces today from international artists ( I'll post the other one once I get my boyfriend to take a photo with his fancy camera which is better than the one I got for £40 2 years ago!) exciting huh?
This is a wonderful piece is by the Swedish illustrator and graphic designer Cecilia Heikkilä .
She says of the piece ;
''The thought of the city keeps me up at night, the growing restlessness of wanting to be on the way,
see new places, explore on a treasure hunt.''
Cheers and keep them coming lovely talented and generous folk!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Nicola Rowlands contribution

Hello everyone!

Heres another contribution that's been sent to me by the lovely and talented Nicola Rowlands.

She say's of the pieces-
''First one is what should keep me awake at night... Scary stuff
Second is what does keep me awake at night... Sharing your everything with someone and not knowing where your everything ends and their everything begins.''

Lovely Jubbly


Monday, 31 January 2011

Something to keep you all motivated.

Hello lovely bloggies

I've had some absolutely beautiful pieces donated so far and some lovely feedback and advice too.
A big thank you to all those wonderful people!

I thought I'd post something to keep people in the process of making something to contribute or wanting to help motivated.
Here's some feedback from a young person who was helped by the charity we're doing this for.

“Safeplace helped me a lot with getting to know new people and sorting out my money, and helping me land on my own two feet before I had my daughter.  Now I have had her and got my flat I have got a lot of respect for Safeplace and the staff.  Whenever I am in town I always pop to see Safeplace staff members.  Without them, so many teenagers would become stuck and end up turning to drugs or selling themselves.  Safeplace gets teens off the street on to their own two feet and back in college.”

Most of us can't imagine being in a position where we would be made homeless , and any of those who have found themselves in a sticky situation know that just a little help and support from someone is all it takes to turn your luck around.
Safeplace is a charity that is turning lots of peoples luck around in Bristol and that's why I believe they're an incredibly worthy cause. 


Jackson Rees Contribution

"Laura Nyro keeps me up at night, a haunting and soulful pianist not given enough recognition now she is gone. Some of her music HAS to be heard in the early hours of the morning."

Check out Jackson's other wonderful work here.


Brett Wright Contribution

''I got a Marilyn Monroe alarm clock as a joke Christmas present. The ticking keeps me awake, it sounds like every second the tick is a different tone making irregular patterns that never repeat... I have to wrap it in clothes at night...''

If you wanna see more of lovely Brett's lovely work click here


Saturday, 29 January 2011

Rob Caterall contribution

Here's Rob Caterall's contribution to the project , Rob is a very talented fellow student.
He wrote about the piece
''A piece in memory of Jenna Henning, a person no longer near but always very close.

Have a look at Robs other work here. I want one of those matchbox circuses!


Friday, 28 January 2011

Not in a weird way you see.........

This is my contribution to the project .
Yes. Jarvis Cocker keeps me up at night, not in a weird way but in a strictly platonic hero worship kind of way.
I'm not even a huge Pulp fan but his 6 music radio show is so fantastic it makes me question why they haven't created a radio station in his honour with Jarvis in charge of all music played.
I've never heard a radio station which merges  the beautifully avant garde, 60s European pop , BBC educational LP's and great spoken word.
The reason I'm kept awake by Mr Cocker is two fold  , firstly my overcharged imagination leads me to wonder whether  one day we will be friends ; swapping Miranda July short stories,  going to see Ukrainian art house films and shopping for corduroy (I'm aware I'm sounding like a pretentious stalker!).
Secondly it makes me wonder why I haven't learnt to DJ yet.
Can't wait to see what keeps you all up at night , keep them coming!