Monday, 13 December 2010


Hello Lovely blog readers

A week has passed since  this project was created and therefore I felt it was time for an update.
After many many e-mails we've had a few responses with great news.
Firstly the artists we have on board so far are both hugely talented, charming and fantastic illustrators; Ben Newman and Femke de Jong .
I truly love their work so I implore you to check them out.
In other news Venue Magazine have said they will try and find us a bit of space and The amazing people at Nobrow tweeted about us on Saturday which was a fantastic as they have 1700 followers which beats my 2 hands down! ( if you want to follow me I'm@whatkeepsmeupat)

And a big thank you to Rosa a fellow student who has already got 2 pieces to donate!
I think that's it for now but keep supporting/making and doing.
And heres some of my work ( I felt the blog could do with some colour) which was based on a dream I had.

Bye for now!

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