Monday, 6 December 2010

''Be productive with your blues''


24 hours since the project was started and I have had an overwhelming response from people offering to help!
It's incredibly moving to know how caring and willing to help my friends and fellow students have been and I just hope this will extend to lots and lots of people outside the realms of my facebook page.
I have e-mailed a large handful of  more established illustrators and artists who I admire to be part of the project , no responses yet but it has only been day after all. Let's keep everything crossed that they will offer their minds and their talent.
I have however heard from Venue magazine who said they will try and find some space to mention this project .
In other good news I've had lots of my very very talented fellow illustration students offer to make pieces which is great seeing as we are all buried under mountains of work.
Hooray for the illustration students!
Here's something to keep you all inspired.


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